Guide to Religion in Missouri


Explore SHSMO images that document the development, practice, and celebration of various religions within the following galleries:

Religious Architecture Collection

View the Religious Architecture Collection Gallery on Flickr

SHSMO photograph collections feature images of several churches from a variety of denominations throughout the state of Missouri. The photograph collection features work by Missouri photographers Charles Trefts, Francis Scheidegger, and Maximilian Schmidt. These images depict the spaces where Missourians gather for religious activities such as church services, Sunday school, and religious holiday celebrations.

Religious Architecture

Religious Group Collection

View the Religious Group Collection Gallery on Flickr

Included in this collection are digitized images of various religious group gatherings. From whole church congregations to choral groups and confirmation and Sunday school classes, this collection shows a variety of traditional religious activities.

Religious Groups

Religious Traditions and Holiday Celebrations Collection

View the Religious Traditions and Holiday Celebrations Collection Gallery on Flickr

This collection is composed of various images that depict many traditional religious celebrations such as St. Patrick’s Day, Easter Sunday, and Christmas.

Religious Traditions and Holiday Celebrations Collection