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Native American Historic Missourians

Sacred Sun

Sacred Sun, also known as Mohongo, was a courageous Osage woman who lived for some time on Osage land in present-day Missouri. An adventurous and brave woman, she lived during a period of great change for the Osage. She took a remarkable journey to Europe and her adventure was recorded in French and American newspapers and pamphlets of the day. The accounts of her ambitious journey to Europe offer a glimpse of her life and personality.

White Cloud

White Cloud was a leader of the Ioway and in charge of ensuring the future survival of his people. As settlers flooded onto the Ioways’ land in Iowa and Missouri, that job became very difficult. While some wanted him to resist the white settlers, White Cloud believed that the Ioways could only survive by working with them. After the United States government took over Missouri, White Cloud accepted the U.S. officials as leaders and did his best to follow their laws and advice. While the process was long and difficult, the Ioway have survived.

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