Guide to Immigrant Experience in Missouri


Immigrant newspapers played an important role in Missouri’s various immigrant communities. German, Jewish, and Italian newspapers in Missouri’s cities and towns helped Missouri immigrants maintain their cultural identity. The papers reported on issues of local and national interest and provided networking opportunities for cultural clubs and promotion of a variety of immigrant run businesses.

For a list of all digitized newspapers, visit the Missouri Digital Newspaper Project.

For a list of newspapers on microfilm at The State Historical Society of Missouri, visit the newspaper catalog.

County Title Available On Date Range
Buchanan Das Westliche Volksblatt Microfilm September 9, 1876
Buchanan St. Joseph Volksblatt Microfilm February 6, 1906; 1920-1932 part of Kansas City Press
Buchanan Westliches Volksblatt Microfilm 1858-1879
Cole Der Fortschritt Microfilm 1868-1876
Cole Missouri Staats Zeitung Microfilm 1879-1883
Cole Missouri Volksfreund Microfilm 1876-1925
Franklin Deutsche Welt Microfilm April 26, 1889
Franklin Die Washingtoner Post Microfilm 1870-1895
Gasconade Die Gasconade Zeitung Microfilm 1873-1874
Gasconade Hermanner Volksblatt Microfilm 1860-1928
Gasconade Wochenblatt Microfilm 1845-1855
Gasconade Licht-Freund Microfilm 1843-1845
Jackson El Cosmopolita Microfilm 1914-1919
Jackson La Stampa-Italiana Microfilm 1931-1941
Jackson Guide to Jewish Life Microfilm 1995-1999
Jackson Jewish World Microfilm Sep 15, 1901
Jackson Kansas City Jewish Chronicle Microfilm 1954-2000
Jackson La Voce dell’emigrante Microfilm 1909-19??
Jackson L’Osservatore Microfilm 1908-1915
Jackson Svenska pressen Microfilm 1901
Jackson Svenska sydvestern Microfilm 1895-18999
Jackson Svenska tigningen Microfilm 1892-1898
Jackson Svenska weckobladet Microfilm 1890-1891
Osage Osage County Volksblatt Microfilm 1899-1917
St.Charles Der St. Charles Demokrat Microfilm 1852-1916
St. Charles St. Charles Republikaner Microfilm 1884-1901
St. Louis Hlas Microfilm 1901-1929; Feb 23, 1945
St. Louis Il Pensiero Microfilm 1969-2008
St. Louis Jewish Free Press Microfilm 1885-1887
St. Louis Jewish Tribune Microfilm 1879-1884
St. Louis Jewish Voice Microfilm 1888-1926 (missing 1892)
St. Louis La Lega Italiana Microfilm 1914-1920
St. Louis Revue de L’Ouest Microfilm 1854
St. Louis St. Louis Es Videke Microfilm 1958-1969
St. Louis St. Louis Jewish Light Microfilm 1947-2013 (incomplete)
Warren Der Missionar Microfilm 1881-1882
Warren Die Union Microfilm Aug 31, 1876
Warren Warrenton Volksfreund Microfilm 1881-1918