Guide to German American Experience in Missouri


The German language press played an important role in Missouri’s German American communities. The German newspapers in Missouri’s cities and towns helped Missouri German Americans maintain their cultural and linguistic identity. The papers reported on issues of local and national interest, as well as providing opportunities for German American businesses to advertise to their constituents.

German language newspapers from seventeen towns or cities are represented in the State Historical Society’s newspaper collection. One of the state's early German–language newspapers, the Licht–Freund, a philosophical journal advocating the abolition of slavery, began publication in Hermann in 1840. The State Historical Society of Missouri has digitized its holdings of this paper dating from August 23, 1842, through May 21, 1845.

Several of the German–language newspapers were religious in nature, with Lutheran and Catholic publications predominating. Der Lutheraner began publication on September 1, 1844; the Herald Des Glaubens, a Catholic paper is available as early as October 16, 1889. Both papers were published in St. Louis. Other German–language newspapers were published in Boonville, Brinktown, Clayton, Higginsville, Jackson, Jefferson City, Kansas City, Lexington, Marthasville, St. Charles, Ste. Genevieve, St. Joseph, Sedalia, Vienna and Washington.

For a list of all digitized German Language newspapers, visit the German Language Digital Newspaper Collection.

For a list of newspapers on microfilm at The State Historical Society of Missouri, visit the newspaper catalog.

County City Title Also Available On Date Range
Buchanan St. Joseph Volksblatt Microfilm February 6, 1906; 1920-1932 part of Kansas City Press
Buchanan St. Joseph Das Westliche Volksblatt Microfilm September 9, 1876
Cape Girardeau Cape Girardeau Westliche Presse Microfilm May 27, 1876
Cape Girardeau Jackson Deutscher Volksfreund Microfilm 1886-1918
Cole Jefferson City Der Fortschritt Microfilm 1868-1876
Cole Jefferson City Missouri Staats Zeitung Microfilm 1879-1883
Cole Jefferson City Missouri Volksfreund Microfilm 1876-1925
Cole Jefferson City Jefferson City Post Microfilm 1895-1905
Cooper Boonville Central Missourier Microfilm 1874-1907
Franklin Washington Deutsche Welt Microfilm 4/26/1889
Franklin Washington Die Washingtoner Post Microfilm 1870-1895
Gasconade Hermann Die Gasconade Zeitung Microfilm 1873-1874
Gasconade Hermann Licht-Freund Microfilm 1843-1845
Gasconade Hermann Hermanner Volksblatt Microfilm 1860-1928
Gasconade Hermann Hermanner Volksblatt Gasconade Zeitung Microfilm 1872-1873
Gasconade Hermann Wochenblatt Microfilm 1845-1855
Jackson Kansas City Missouri Post Microfilm 1859-1860
Jackson Kansas City Missouri Staats-Zeitung Microfilm 1898-1917
Jackson Kansas City Neue Kansas Staats-Zeitung Microfilm 1914-1918
Jackson Kansas City Kansas City Presse Microfilm 1898-1920
Jackson Kansas City Kansas City Presse and St. Joseph Volksblatt Microfilm 1920-1932
Lafayette Higginsville Missouri Thalbote Microfilm 1900-1918
Lafayette Lexington Missouri Thalbote Microfilm Sep 2, 1876
Maries Vienna Der Wegweiser ( Supplement to the Vienna, Home Advisor) Microfilm 1905-1907
Osage Westphalia Osage County Volksblatt Microfilm 1899-1917
Pettis Sedalia Sedalia Journal Microfilm 1878-1917
St. Charles St. Charles Der St. Charles Demokrat Microfilm 1852-1916
St. Charles St. Charles Republikaner Microfilm 1884-1901
St. Louis Abend AnzeigerK Microfilm 1901-1909
St. Louis Amerika (Catholic) Microfilm 1874-1922
St. Louis Anzeiger des Westens Microfilm 1835-1881
St. Louis Anzeiger des Westens Sonntagsblatt Microfilm 1881-1898
St. Louis Anzeiger des Westens Wochenblatt Microfilm 1853-1898
St. Louis Brauer-Zeitung Microfilm July 27, 1895
St. Louis Die Deutsche Tribuene Microfilm 1844-1852
St. Louis Deutsche WochenSchrift Microfilm 1969-1982
St. Louis Herald des Glaubens (Catholic) Microfilm 1876-1899
St. Louis Der Lutheraner (Lutheran) Microfilm 1844-1911
St. Louis Der Missionar Microfilm 1882-1883
St. Louis St. Louis Sulamith (Jewish) Microfilm 1880-1881
St. Louis St. Louis Tribune Microfilm 1880-1898
St. Louis Volksstimme Des Westens Microfilm 1877-1880
St. Louis Die Wahrheit Microfilm 1871
St. Louis Westliche Blätter Microfilm 1862-1864
St. Louis Westliche Post Microfilm 1858-1876, 1914-1920
St. Louis Wochenblat der Amerika Microfilm 1874-1886
  St. Louis Sonntagsblatt der Amerika Microfilm 1872-1886
St. Louis Wöchentlicher Anzeiger des Westens Microfilm 1857-1863
St. Louis Clayton St. Louis County Wachter Microfilm 1903
Ste. Genevieve Ste. Genevieve Freie Presse Microfilm July 22, 1876
Ste. Genevieve Ste. Genevieve Herold Microfilm 1882-1895
Warren Marthasville Der Missionar Microfilm 1881-1882
Warren Warrenton Die Union Microfilm Aug 31, 1876
Warren Warrenton Volksfreund Microfilm 1881-1918