Guide to Folklore & Folklife in Missouri

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Folklore and Folklife titles held within the State Historical Society's holdings are included in Merlin, the shared library catalog of the four University of Missouri campuses. Of particular note are works completed by the folklorist Vance Randolph, who spent his life documenting the culture of the Ozarks. Randolph’s four-volume work Ozark Folksongs (F586 R159) was published by the State Historical Society of Missouri between 1946 and 1950, and later republished by the University of Missouri Press. Other titles include:

Historic Missourians

The State Historical Society’s Historic Missourians website offers folk legends in Missouri and includes several biographies. Each biography provides images, primary resources, and other references for further study. Notable folklorists and folklore writers are also listed below:

Oral History Collections By Collection Number

CA5821French Heritage Oral History Project, Records, 1989-1999
CA6033Dial, Marshall, Oral History Collection
CA6374Folklore Genre, Collection, 2013
C3928Bootheel Project, Records, 1993-1997
R0669Bittersweet, Papers, 1973-1983
S0456St. Louis Living Treasures Ethnic Artists Oral History Project, Records, 1983-1985

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