Guide to American Civil War in Missouri

Regimental Histories

Civil War--Soldiers--Union 9th Missouri State Militia Cavalry, 1862Missouri had 1,162 military actions, the third highest number, after Virginia and Tennessee. Of that number, only two--Wilson's Creek (August 10, 1861) and Westport (October 23, 1864)-- are considered battles. The remaining incidents were primarily skirmishes.

Missouri had over a dozen state militia organizations during the Civil War. The primary in-state defensive and offensive military forces were the Enrolled Missouri Militia (EMM) and Missouri State Militia (MSM). The EMM was solely state force, primarily mobilized as needed, but plagued with accusations of both disloyalty and excessive zealotry. The MSM was a state force authorized and subsidized by the federal government. It was a full-time force and was primarily occupied in battling guerilla forces throughout the war.

The Missouri forces that fought east of the Mississippi River were primarily members of the Missouri Volunteers, or volunteers in federal service from Missouri (although the Union forces killed at the Battle of Centralia were recruits for the 39th Regiment Infantry, Missouri Volunteers). The Missouri Volunteers consisted of 56 regiments, infantry, 16 cavalry, 2 artillery, and one engineer regiments, as well as numerous independent companies, batteries, and battalions.

Missouri contributed a huge number of its men to both sides of the Civil War. Over 109,000 men enlisted and fought for the Union and at least 30,000 men fought for the Confederacy. This represents almost 60 percent of men of military age and places Missouri first among the states in proportion to the population.

To research regimental histories for Missouri and other states, the most used work is the book published by Frederick Dyer in 1908, "A Compendium of the War of the Rebellion":

A Private Chapter of the War (1861-5)
(6th Missouri Infantry)
by: George W. Bailey  
History of the Thirty-sixth Regiment Illinois Volunteers During the War of the Rebellion
by: L. G. Bennett and William M. Haigh  
Memoirs, Historical and Personal : Including the Campaigns of the First Missouri Confederate Brigade
(1st Missouri Confederate Brigade)
by: Ephraim McD. Anderson  
Four Years with Five Armies: Army of the Frontier, Army of the Potomac, Army of the Missouri; Army of the Ohio; Army of the Shenandoah
(2nd Ohio Regiment)
by: Isaac Gause  
Recollections of a Volunteer: A Memoir of the Civil War
(16th Missouri Infantry Volunteers, CSA)
by: Peter D. Lane  
Regimental History of the Tenth Missouri Volunteer Infantry
by: M. O. Frost  
Reminiscences of S. E. Ford
(Co. F, 2nd Regiment, Shelby’s Brigade)
by: S. E. Ford  
Reminiscences of One Who Suffered in the Lost Cause
(Confederate, Price’s Army)
by: C. H. Hance  
Robert P. Goodman's Book
(7th Regiment Infantry, Co. G)
by: Robert P. Goodman  
The Union Indian Brigade in the Civil War
by: Wiley Britton  
Organization and Status of Missouri Troops in Service During the Civil War
by: The United States Record and Pension Office  
William Morgan Diary
by: William Morgan