Guide to Business and Industry in Missouri

Other Resources


Many of the State Historical Society’s holdings are included in Merlin, the shared library catalog of the four University of Missouri campuses. The State Historical Society holds numerous books and periodicals on the history of business and industry in Missouri. The broadest subject terms to search under are "Business" and "Industries." For a more specific search, simply add the town or county you are interested in to the search, such as "Columbia."

Historic Missourians

The Society’s Historic Missourians website contains biographies of a number of significant entrepreneurs and business owners who lived in or grew up in Missouri.


As part of its ongoing mission, SHSMO's digital photograph collection has gathered original photographs, postcards, and other graphic materials, which document the development of various local and corporate businesses. Search the Columbia and St. Louis Digital Collections through keywords such as "business" or specific names of businesses.

View a selection of business photographs from the Columbia Digital Collection here.

Vertical Files

The Society’s vertical files are part of the Reference Collection and contain magazine and newspaper clippings, handwritten information donated by patrons, bibliographies, programs, brochures, flyers, and other materials that, by reason of their physical formats, cannot be placed on the shelves with books. SHSMO's Columbia Research Center has a number of vertical files pertaining to Missouri businesses in particular towns and cities, such as "Moberly (MO) - Business" or "Saint Charles (MO) - Business."