Guide to Agriculture in Missouri


Two newspapers, the Missouri and Arkansas Farmer and Fruitman and the Missouri and Kansas Farmer, promoted the settlement of southwest Missouri, southeast Kansas, and northwest Arkansas. Established in the 1880s, these newspapers printed testimonials from settlers and visitors about the area’s rich agricultural promise.

Other agricultural newspapers promoted improved farming methods. Columns devoted to livestock and poultry raising, dairying, horticulture, and row crops described characteristics of stock breeds and encouraged farmers to rotate crops and pack fruit properly for shipping. Pages for farm wives provided recipes and dress patterns as well as letters received from readers. The St. Joseph Stockyards Journal included detailed information about the selling prices and number of livestock brought to the city’s stockyards.

The content of agricultural newspapers evolved during the twentieth century. The South Central Ozarks Farmer, a supplement to the Mountain Grove Journal and Cabool Enterprise during the 1970s, expressed concern about the increasing number of corporate farms. In 1974 the publisher attended a consumer/farmer relations institute that examined, “The great middle ground that lies between the farmer and the supermarket grocery cart.”

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Agricultural Newspapers in SHSMO Holdings

County City Title Also Available On Date Range
Adair Kirksville Adair County Farmer Microfilm 1891-1894
Buchanan St. Joseph Journal of Livestock & Agriculture Microfilm 1969-1978
Buchanan St. Joseph Journal of Livestock and Agriculture Microfilm 1963-1966
Buchanan St. Joseph St. Joseph Journal of Livestock & Agriculture Microfilm 1973-1974
Buchanan St. Joseph St. Joseph Journal of Livestock and Agriculture Microfilm 1978-1986
Buchanan St. Joseph St. Joseph Stock Yards Journal Microfilm 1950-1954
Buchanan St. Joseph Stock Yards Daily Journal Microfilm 1904-1906
Buchanan St. Joseph Stock Yards Journal Microfilm 1940-1949
Caldwell Hamilton Farmer’s Advocate Microfilm 1893-1906
Caldwell Hamilton Hamilton Farmer’s Advocate Microfilm 1890-1893; 1901-1919
Cape Girardeau Jackson Jackson, Mercury, and Cape Girardeau Farmer Microfilm December 31, 1831
Carroll Dewitt Carroll Farmer’s Herald Microfilm 1901-1934
Jackson Kansas City Kansas City Weekly Journal and Missouri and Kansas Farmer Microfilm 1920-1923
Jackson Kansas City Missouri & Arkansas Farmer and Fruitman Microfilm 1896-1906
Jackson Kansas City Missouri and Kansas Farmer Microfilm 1884-1919
Jackson Kansas City Weekly Star Farmer Microfilm 1952-1961
Madison Fredericktown Farmer and Miner Microfilm March 18, 1876
Perry Perryville Mid America Farmer Grower Microfilm 1988-2014
Perry Perryville MidAmerica Farmer Microfilm 1987-1988
Perry Perryville MidAmerica Regional Farmer Microfilm 1987
Scotland Memphis Farmers’ Union Microfilm 1891-1895
Shelby Clarence Farmer’s Favorite Microfilm 1899-1901
Taney Forsyth Pioneer Farmer Microfilm June 2, 1876
Wright Mountain Grove Mountain Grove South Central Ozarks Farmer Microfilm 1974-1979
St. Louis Farmers’ & Mechanics’ Advocate Microfilm 1834-1835
St. Louis Farm Progress Microfilm 1908-1912
St. Louis Journal of Agriculture and Farmer Microfilm 1876-1886
St. Louis St. Louis Midland Farmer Microfilm July 1876
St. Louis St. Louis Union Stockyard Journal Microfilm 1901