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The Missouri Historical Review, an award-winning scholarly quarterly, has served as the cornerstone of SHSMO's publication program since 1906. This richly illustrated journal features current scholarship on all facets of the state's history. The Missouri Historical Review also contains reviews of and notes on recently published books about the history of the state and local areas and the lives of Missourians.

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October 2018 (Vol. 113, No. 1)

Feature Articles

The Destruction of the Big Mound
Possessing and Defining Native American Places in Early St. Louis
1 By Patricia Cleary Crossing Jordan
The Mississippi River in the Black Experience in Greater St. Louis, 1815–1860
22 By Anna K. Roberts “Outside These Walls Someplace There Was a God”
An Interview with World War II Prison Camp Survivor Betsy Herold Heimke, Part 2
41 Interview Conducted by Thomas H. Miller
Annotations by Kimberly Harper

From the Stacks

Research Center–St. Louis
The Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign Records, 1981–1987
By A. J. Medlock

Book Reviews

Hillbilly Hellraisers:
Federal Power and Populist Defiance in the Ozarks
By J. Blake Perkins
Reviewed by Tom Lee The Second Coming of the KKK:
The Ku Klux Klan of the 1920s and the American Political Tradition
By Linda Gordon
Reviewed by Shawn Lay Pioneer Girl Perspectives:
Exploring Laura Ingalls Wilder
By Nancy Tystad Koupal
Reviewed by Laura Woodworth-Ney A Kingdom Divided:
Evangelicals, Loyalty, and Sectionalism in the Civil War Era
By April E. Holm
Reviewed by Mark A. Noll The F Street Mess:
How Southern Senators Rewrote the Kansas-Nebraska Act
By Alice Elizabeth Malavasic
Reviewed by Michael D. Robinson Omar Nelson Bradley:
America’s GI General, 1893–1981
By Steven L. Ossad
Reviewed by D. K. R. Crosswell The Rural Cemetery Movement:
Places of Paradox in Nineteenth-Century America
By Jeffrey Smith
Reviewed by Carol Grove Lincoln’s Lieutenants:
The High Command of the Army of the Potomac
By Stephen W. Sears
Reviewed by John G. Selby

Book Notes

Postal Service in Territorial Missouri, 1804–1821
By Robert G. Schultz
The Captain and the Judge:
Building Camps, Forts, Dams, Bridges and Character across the Ozarks
By Natalie Prussing Halpin and Lisa Irle
Lucile H. Bluford and the Kansas City Call:
Activist Voice for Social Justice
By Sheila Brooks and Clint C. Wilson II
This Used to Be St. Louis
By Nina Harris
The Pitcher and the Dictator:
Satchel Paige’s Unlikely Season in the Dominican Republic
By Averell “Ace” Smith
The Ozark Trail:
Images of Missouri’s Longest Hiking Trail
By Don Massey
The Troubled Life of Peter Burnett:
Oregon Pioneer and First Governor of California
By R. Gregory Nokes

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The Center for Missouri Studies construction site, viewed from Peace Park on the University of Missouri campus, September 15, 2018. Photograph by John Brenner.