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Jefferson City women modelinguniforms in use during World War II. From collection C0011 folder 1478.

Jefferson City women modeling uniforms
in use during World War II.
From collection C0011 folder 1478.

World War II Collection Descriptions

Letters, diaries, and memoirs written during or about military service in World War II. Also material pertaining to the war's impact on civilian life and information on veteran's organizations.

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For general military information see the collection descriptions under the Military heading. The Military heading is subdivided into the following headings: Afghan War, American Civil War, Iraq War, Korean War, Persian Gulf War, Spanish-American War, Vietnam War, World War I, and World War II.

Anti-war and anti-military material is found under Peace and Pacifism

*Collections marked with DIGITIZED MATERIALS have additional digitized items available.

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America First Committee, 1941, (C2547)
1 folder
Paper of the St. Louis, MO, Chapter of America First Committee, published from July to October 1941. Originals at Stanford University.

American Legion, Cuba Memorial Post No. 522, Cuba, Missouri, Service Record Book, ca. 1948, (R0955)
1 folder
This hard-bound booklet lists military veterans, mostly from the Second World War, from Cuba in Crawford County, Missouri. Included are six "Gold Star Boys." Entries include photographic portraits, dates and branches of service, ranks, domestic and overseas postings, awards, and current occupations.

American Red Cross, Scott County Chapter, Sikeston, Missouri, Papers, 1944-1952, (R0673)
21 folders
These are files from the American Red Cross chapter in Sikeston, Scott County, Missouri. Most concern allotments for dependents, emergency loans, extensions of leave, and other family matters of servicemen during World War Two.

Anderson, Jean Schwarting (1923- ), Papers, 1944-1946, (C4024)
0.3 linear feet, 1 computer disc
The papers of U.S. Navy Lieutenant J.G. Jean Schwarting Anderson, a WAVE during World War II and Missouri native, consist of correspondence, photographs and slides, and miscellaneous material. The letters that she wrote detail in great length the training she received and the day to day life of a WAVE.


Backlar, Joseph, Letters, 1944-1945, (C2011)
1 folder
The collection contains letters written during World War II by an army medical officer stationed in Greenland and Iceland to his son, Byron Backlar, PhM 3/c aboard the U.S.S. SANBORN.

Baltzell-Chambers Family, Papers, 1857-1981, (C3995)
0.4 linear feet
The Baltzell-Chambers Family Papers document the lives of a family of blacksmiths and farmers from Deer Ridge, Missouri. The papers consist of correspondence, photographs, a scrapbook, and a genealogy and family history compiled and written by Jerrilee Cain. The collection also contains graduation memorabilia, a high school yearbook, land deeds, and military discharge papers from the Civil War.

Bennitt, Rudolf, Letters, 1942-1946, (C0210)
9 folders
Copies of newsletters sent out from Missouri Cooperative Wild Life Research Unit to former members at Missouri University who were in the armed services. Excerpts from letters received pertaining to all phases of training; general news of the university, Wild Life Commission, research unit assignments, resume of state and national meetings; and discussion of post-war curriculum.

Bennitt, Rudolf (1898-1950), Papers, (CA5483)
0.75 cubic feet
Student files and correspondence kept by a professor of wildlife research. Most of these files contain correspondence from former students who were serving in World War II. See also collection C210.

Benson, Robert Bronaugh (1923-2010) Collection, 1944-1945, (K0478)
2 folders
Books written by Benson recounting his landing at Utah Beach and the final push in Europe during WWII.

Bitner, Robert I. (1918-1995) and Esther L. Gottlieb Bitner (1918-2012) Family Papers, ca. 1932-2000, (K1292)
0.25 cubic feet
The papers contain materials relating to the history of their childhood, education, marriage, and children, as well as their religious and community activities in Kansas City, Mo. Materials documenting Robert Bitner's service in the U.S. Army during World War II are also included.

Blackburn, Harold F. (1901-1989) Papers, 1945-1946, (K0952)
1 volume
Blackburn was veteran Trans World Airline (TWA) pilot. During the World War II, he was superintendent of TWA's Intercontinental Division., which was part of the Air Transport Command. Includes the Intercontinental Division, Washington D.C., statistical handbook.

Bouchard, Charles C. (1918-1985), Memoirs, (CA6384)
1 folder, 1 computer disc
World War II memoirs of a B-24 pilot who was shot down over France and captured by German soldiers in June 1944. He was held as a prisoner of war in Germany for about a year. The collection includes military orders and an introduction to the memoirs written by his son, Chris Bouchard.

Bradford, Louise, Collection, 1919-1985, (R0468)
28 folders
This collection includes correspondence, printed material, and ephemera collected by Louise Bradford (1898-1986), and Eva Ann Bradford (1900-1966), during their careers as teachers in Missouri schools. Included are letters from former pupils, and printed materials from education and teachers associations, schools in Berkeley, Rolla, St. James, Salem, and Sullivan, Missouri, and women's clubs and service organizations in Dent and Phelps counties.

Bradshaw, William L. (1896-1964), Papers, 1912-1973, (C2556)
11.2 linear feet
The papers of William L. Bradshaw contain business and personal papers of Bradshaw, political scientist and dean of the University of Missouri Business School, 1946-1961. Included are papers as delegate to Missouri Constitutional Convention, 1943-1944, member of State Reorganization Commission, 1953-1955, and other state, local, and professional organizations.

Branson, Edwin Bayer (1877-1950), Papers, 1892-1954, (C2404)
1.1 linear feet
The papers of Edwin Bayer Branson contain correspondence, memorabilia, field books, and miscellaneous papers of a University of Missouri geologist (1910-1947), including information on the development of the Department of Geology during the 37 years he served as chairman.

Branton, William Coleman (1914-1985) Papers, 1943-1985, (K0828)
9 cubic feet
Personal papers of Branton, prominent attorney and civic leader in Kansas City, MO. Includes Photographs, correspondence, records and other papers relating to Branton's military duty, legal practice, banking career, civic activities, and personal life

Brookfield, Dutton (1917-1979), Papers, (CA6382)
0.4 cubic feet
Addition of scrapbooks containing photographs and WWII letters, along with Unitog Company newsletters, 1982.

Brown, Stiles Clifford "Red" (1918-1984) Papers, 1919-1952, (K1207)
2 cubic feet
Scrapbooks, including correspondence, photographs, printed and published material, and ephemera, of Brown's Marine Corps service. Also a scrapbook compiled by his mother, Lessie Brown, containing postcards, correspondence, and ephemera; correspondence to his wife, Orvetta, and his school records.

Burgoyne Family, Papers, (CA6186)
19.75 linear feet, 1 CD, 3 video cassettes, 29 audio discs
Papers of Leon Burgoyne and his daughter, Suzanne. Leon was a Navy aviator during World War II and coached boys' basketball in Berrien, Michigan. Suzanne was a professor of Theatre Arts at Creighton University and the University of Missouri. The papers include correspondence from World War II and the Vietnam War, in which Suzanne's ex-husband served, and materials documenting Suzanne's teaching career.


Campbell, Caroline Isabelle Dougherty (1893-1982) Papers, ca. 1947-1953, (K0852)
1 folder
Campbell was active in the Order of the Purple Heart, based on the award given her son, William Stanley Campbell, who was killed in the Philippines in World War II. Includes a program, "Military Order Purple Heart Fourth Zone Conference" and a photograph of group with Military Order Purple Heart.

Cansler, Loman D. (1924-1992) and Laura M. (1931-2007), Collection, 1820-2005, (C4018)
10.5 linear feet, 203 audio tapes, 41 audio cassettes, 2 video cassettes, 35 audio discs
The Loman and Laura Cansler Collection represents a lifetime of collecting on Missouri's folk song and folklore tradition. Cansler recorded and collected folk songs, proverbs, jokes, and home remedies, primarily in Missouri, but also in Kansas and Illinois. In addition to this large body of folk song and folklore material, the collection includes information on Cansler's early life in Dallas County, Missouri, his WWII service, and his career as a school counselor at the Fayette and North Kansas City High Schools. The collection also includes slides and prints of Laura Cansler's abstract expressionist artwork.

Caroline Isabelle Dougherty Campbell (1893-1982) Papers, 1946-1953, (K0852)
.01 cubic feet
The papers of Caroline Isabelle Dougherty Campbell contain a photograph from the Heart of the Nation Chapter of the Military Order of the Purple Heart monthly dinner, a program from the Military Order of the Purple Heart Fourth Zone Conference, and a “Nickel Pass” for transportation with the Kansas City Service Company.

Carstenson, Cecil C. (1906-1991) and Blanche Williams (1907-2002) Papers, ca. 1943-ca. 2001, (K0669)
5 cubic feet
Cecil was talented wood sculptor, while his wife Blanche was best known for her textile artworks. Included are photographs and slides of both Cecil and Blanche's artwork. Also letters to various people, mostly family while Cecil was serving during World War II and scrapbooks covering most of their adult lives.

Cowgill, Donald O., Papers, (CA5619)
0.4 linear feet
Addition of materials primarily concerning Rhodesia in the 1960s; Thailand; and Cowgill's professional certificates and World War II classification cards.


Daetwyler, Wallace K. (1915-1974), Papers, 1942-1945, (C3998)
0.4 linear feet
The papers contain the World War II correspondence of Wallace “Wally” Daetwyler of Lamar, Missouri, to his wife, Ruth A. Daetwyler. Wallace Daetwyler served as an information technician with the U.S. Army Medical Corps in the European Theatre from 1943 to1945.

Dale Thomas Patton (1922-2000) Papers, 1944-1994 , (K1309)
0.25 cubic feet
The collection contains the personal papers of Dale Thomas Patton, former Deputy Director of the Regional Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training for the U.S. Department of Labor in Kansas City, Missouri. Included in this collection are letters of recommendation on behalf of Mr. Patton for the position of Deputy Director, correspondence, certificates, a military photograph of Dale Thomas Patton, travel expenses, employee records, pamphlets, a memoir of a World War II combat diver written by William J. Donath, and a 1944 U.S. Naval Aviation yearbook.

DeField, Ed, "Remembrance of World War II," 1996, (R0681)
1 folder, photocopies
This is a memoir of World War Two by a native of Mississippi County, Missouri. DeField was a member of the 397th Antiaircraft Battalion. He served in Wales, Normandy, France, Belgium, and Germany, and in the Allied occupation force.

Donath, Jr., William John (1917-1998) Papers, n.d., (K0251)
0.08 cubic feet
The papers contain narrative histories of William John Donath, Jr.'s activities in the Underwater Demolition Team No. 7 during World War II. The papers also include news articles about the Navy's demolition teams..

Donnelly, Phil M. (1891-1961), Papers, 1944-1957, (C2151)
91.6 linear feet, 10 volumes
Papers relating to Donnelly's two terms as Democratic governor of Missouri.

Donnelly, Robert T., Papers, 1924-1999, (C4246)
2.0 cubic feet (41 folders), 2 oversize items
The Robert T. Donnelly papers document the life of Robert Donnelly, who served as an infantryman in World War II, and a Supreme Court Justice in Missouri for twenty years. The collection contains the letters, postcards, and newspapers he sent home during the war as well as numerous documents, newspapers, and letters from his Supreme Court days. The collection also features pictures and books about his regiment and Supreme Court Cases.


Edgecomb Jr., Guy M. (1913-1972) Collection, 1944-1945, (K0284)
19 folders
World War II era regimental History of the 349th Infantry Regiment of which Edgecomb was a captain, and provides information on such things as training, battle, and supply use.

Elliott, Edward G., Jr., Scrapbook, 1943-1946, (CA6394)
0.2 cubic feet
WWII scrapbook of a private in the U.S. Army who served with the 86th Infantry Division in Germany and the Philippines. Includes correspondence, military papers, photographs, and miscellaneous material.

Evans, Emily E. (1910-2004), Papers, 1943-2000, (C4135)
0.5 cubic feet
The Emily E. Evans Papers contain records collected from her time as a U.S. Army nurse during WWII, including newsletters and memoirs from her time serving abroad as well as her military records from 1943-1954. It also includes three scrapbooks containing miscellaneous military and 1940s ephemera, newspaper clippings, and photographs from her time spent in England, France and Switzerland. The scrapbooks were dismantled and put into folders in their original order.


Fantel, Hans (1922-2006), Papers, c. 1925-2006, (C4003)
3.2 linear feet, 5 video cassettes, 1 DVD, 7 compact discs
The papers of Fantel, a freelance writer, contain the articles he wrote for the New York Times and many other publications about high fidelity, home electronics, and music. Correspondence, photographs, and audio-visual materials make up the remainder of the collection.

Finlayson, Gladys (1888-1971) Letters, 1926-1966, (K0486)
20 folders
Letters written to Mariska Pugsley Marker from her childhood tutor, Finlayson, an Englishwoman residing in China.

Fitzgerald, W. Lyle (1922-1967), Papers, 1918-2003, (C3538)
2.6 linear feet, 1 audio cassette
The W. Lyle Fitzgerald Papers contain the correspondence, photographs, newspaper clippings, books, pamphlets, awards, announcements, and miscellaneous material of a soldier who fought in the Pacific Theatre during the Second World War.

Floyd Snelson WWII Photographs, 1945-1985, (R1372)
.1 linear feet, 4 folders
The Floyd Snelson WWII photographs are a collection of 100 photographs taken in the Pacific Theater by Floyd Snelson. Additional biographical material and many documents from Japan during the War period are included in the collection. Some of the photographs document the Japanese surrender at Okinawa.

Foree, Rudy, 1934-1997, Miscellaneous Papers, 1913-1997, (R1289)
6 folders
These are personal papers, photographs and miscellaneous items of Rudy Foree, a resident of Washington County, Missouri, and U.S. Army veteran of the Pacific campaigns of World War Two. The collection contains genealogical material compiled by Esther M. Ziock Carroll of Potosi, Missouri, including Foree’s birth and death certificates and a family history.

Franklin, Paul W., Tapes, (CA4090)
1 folder
Recorded recollections of Franklin about his service in the Army Corps of Engineers. He explains what he witnessed near Dachau, Germany and other places. Franklin, a former professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Missouri, was interviewed by Peggy Johnson.

Friedmann, Howard W. (1923-2006) Family Papers, ca. 1930-ca. 2007, (K1263)
4 cubic feet
Friedmann was a Kansas City businessman, and civic leader, and philanthropist, Navy veteran of World War II, and one time president of the Congregation B'nai Jehudah. Includes correspondence, scrapbooks, photographs, memorabilia, and other materials from Friedmann and his family.


Garrigues, Donald C., diaries and correspondence, 1942-1945, (R0126)
4 volumes, 294 letters
These are diaries and letters of a native of Carthage, Jasper County, Missouri, who served in the 551st Parachute Infantry Battalion, U.S. Army, during World War II. Garrigues served in California, Georgia, the Canal Zone, North Carolina, Algeria, Italy, France, Belgium, and Germany.

Gottschalk, Philip, Collection 1863-1991, (C4247)
1.25 cubic feet (31 folders)
The Philip Gottschalk Collection contains research materials for his publication In Deadly Earnest and multiple versions of the original manuscript.


Hanson, Wilson O. (1913-1974), Papers, 1945-1946 , (C4010)
0.4 linear feet
The collection contains the World War II correspondence of Wilson O. Hanson to his wife and family in Webb City, Missouri. Hanson served with the 21st Ordnance Company (Medium Maintenance) as part of the American occupation forces in Japan.

Harber, Warren G. (1922- ), Papers, 1942-2012, (CG0009)
0.2 cubic feet (4 folders)
The papers of Warren G. Harber contain 121 black and white photographs and four color photographs. The majority of the photographs span from 1942 to 1946 and represent the donor's military service during World War II, with many of them taken while stationed in Italy. The color prints, dated from 1992 to 2012, are more current images of Harber and his wife.

Hassebrock Correspondence, 1942-1946, (S1079)
5 folders
The letters in this collection were written by members of the Henry Hassebrock family of Mascoutah, Illinois. The correspondents include: Benjamin Keck, son-in-law of the Hassebrocks; Mona Hassebrock Keck, wife of Ben; and Hassebrock sons Walter, Henry (Hank), and Elmer.

Hauck, Fred M., Letter, 1942, (R0829)
1 folder
This is a typewritten letter from Fred M. Hauck at Fort Lewis, Washington, to Chester Parker at Camp Haan, California. Hauck and Parker were U.S. Army enlisted men from Dixon in Pulaski County, Missouri.

Henry R. Marnett (1917-2014) Railroad Collection, 1899-2012, (K0734)
6 cubic feet
The Henry R. Marnett (1917-2014) Collection contains materials related to the life and interests of Henry R. Marnett. The collection consists of various materials including photographs, negatives, slides, postcards, and ephemera representing Marnett’s family and his favorite hobby, trains.

Hensley Family Papers, (K1371)
1 cubic foot
This collection consists of papers related to the service of Robert Glenn Hensley and Terry Hensley. R. Glenn Hensley served as a medical officer in the 130th Infantry Regiment during World War II. Terry served as an Airman third class during the 1960s. There is correspondence, newspaper clippings, and photographs related to R. Glenn and Terry. There is a large scrapbook specifically related to R. Glenn Hensley and his service in WWII. This scrapbook also documents his disappearance and death. The correspondence for Terry Hensley primarily relates to his injury and recovery from an automobile accident.

Hickok, Estelle, Scrapbooks, 1927-1945, (C1405)
12 volumes
Clippings about Charles A. Lindbergh's career, marriage, flight to Paris, subsequent world trips, kidnapping of son, the Hauptman trial, life in England, World War II neutrality speeches, opposition to Lend-Lease Bill and involvement in various commercial and military aviation projects.

Highley, Lyndell Thomasson (1919-1958), Papers, 1941-1944, 1978, (C3654)
0.1 linear foot
Letters from Highley to his family in Elvins, Missouri, while serving with the 375th Squadron of the 308th Heavy Bomb Group, Army Air Corps, in China and India during World War II. The papers also include an edited version of his letters by his son J. Scott Highley.

Hiller Family Papers, 1785-1993, (C3856)
7.2 linear feet, 2 volumes
Papers of a family of farmers, lawyers, bankers, doctors, and business people of Kahoka, Clark County, Missouri. The collection includes correspondence, photographs, genealogical records, estate records, diaries, personal account books, deeds, military records, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, manuscripts, and miscellaneous material.

Huber, Robert L. (1922-1944), Papers, 1943-1953), (C2425)
7 folders, 2 volumes
The papers contain correspondence and booklets of a bombardier in the Army Air Force, relating to his training, army life, personal news, awards, death, and memorials.

Hughes Family, Papers, (CA6215)
3 linear feet
Correspondence of a family from Chariton County, Missouri, spanning the mid-1800s to the 1990s. Includes three volumes of transcriptions and images compiled by Charles L. Hughes. Also contains materials from Democratic Party activities and conventions in the early twentieth century.

Hutchison, Gregory L. (1910-2013) and Mary Folse (1911-2007), Collection, (CA5861)
13.4 cubic feet, 2 volumes
Papers of two University of Missouri-Columbia alumni, United States veterans, and federal employees. Mrs. Hutchison was in the first class of WAVES officers at the start of World War II, and later a CIA staff officer for twenty-five years. Includes a scrapbook related to theater and other activities at the University of Missouri in the 1930s, correspondence, diaries, photographs, travel materials, writings, and miscellaneous items.


Japanese Occupation Money, 1946, (C2289)
1 folder
The collection contains three bills for use in Japan during American occupation following World War II.


Kenny, Thomas H. (1918- ) Papers, 1816-1997, (C4131)
5 cubic feet
The papers of a real estate broker, author, artist, treasure hunter, researcher, entrepreneur, and overall Renaissance man include correspondence, legal papers, contracts, publications, photographs, postcards, newspaper articles, and artistic material.

Koenigsberg, Sol (1924- ) Papers, 1933-2011, (K1197)
0.3 cubic foot
This collection contains papers related to the Jewish Federation and Council of Greater Kansas City, including the organization’s history and newspaper clippings. In addition, there are personal papers related to Sol Koenigsberg, who was Executive Director of the Jewish Federation and Council, including a memoir and personal photographs.

Kranitz, Lilian (1923-2007) Papers, 1923-1983, (K0238)
1 cubic foot
Taped interviews and written transcripts of 13 Holocaust survivors from Lodz, Poland. Also includes notes, reports, and articles on historical background and policies towards Eastern European Jews.

Kroeger, Otto and Joe, Photograph Collection, (P0002)
400 photographs
The Kroeger collection is comprised of approx. 400 glass plate negatives, film negatives, photographs, newspaper articles and letters. Photographers were Otto and his son, Joseph Kroeger, both of Jefferson City, Missouri.


Lamy, John E. (1911-1994), Collection, (CA5890)
Memoir, correspondence, newspaper clippings, and miscellaneous material related to a Missouri physician captured by the Japanese in the Philippines during WW II.

Lance, Donald M. (1931-2002), Papers, 1938-2002, (C3992)
11.3 linear feet, 144 audio cassettes
The papers of a University of Missouri English professor, well-known for his lectures on the pronunciation of "Missouri" and other dialect research, contain extensive professional correspondence, research data, articles, presentations, teaching materials, and materials related to his work with professional organizations. Audio cassettes include interviews with Germans in Missouri and with decorated U.S. Army Special Forces veteran Byrl D. Taylor, Missouri folk musicians, and examples of English language dialects.

Lawler, Edwin F., Jr. (1924-1991), Papers, (CA6395)
2 cubic feet
The papers of a St. Louis native who was a corporal in the Marines during WWII contain military documents and photographs; travel, family, and school photographs and slides; college yearbooks; and personal correspondence.


Macy Family, Correspondence, 1943-1945, (R1129)
1 folder
These are V-Mail letters sent from soldiers overseas during World War II to the Macy family of rural Neosho in Newton County, Missouri. The letters are from Wayne H. Macy, Wayne G. Palmer, Lee B. Macy, and David C. Jones. The letters were sent to Mr. and Mrs. W. Arnold Macy and Mrs. Sue [Lue?] Macy. They were sent from North Africa, Italy, New Guinea, the Netherlands East Indies, and Maluka (Indonesia).

Malden Army Air Field, Malden, Missouri, Newspaper, 1944, (R1157)
1 folder
This is Vol. II, No. 35 (23 December 1944) of The Malden Breeze, the base newsletter at Malden Army Air Field at Malden in Dunklin County, Missouri. Lt. Col. Charles A. Cowing was Commanding Officer, Lt. Col. William T. Duden was Executive Officer, and Sgt. Carr C. Link was editor.

McMurtrey, Lowell, and Margaret M., Papers, 1942-1971, (C4172)
0.3 cubic feet, (5 folders)
WWII papers and photographs pertaining to Lowell and Margaret McMurtrey of Willow Springs, Missouri. Lowell McMurtrey was captured by German troops in Italy during WWII. Includes correspondence, official notifications from the War Department, photographs, newspaper clippings, and Red Cross Bulletins from 1944.

Meth, Abe, Papers, 2012 (K1300)
0.01 cubic feet
Papers of a prominent staff member at Beth Shalom consist of one newspaper clipping from The Jewish News of Greater Phoenix, May 18, 2012, detailing his involvement with Raoul Wallenberg, Swedish diplomat who saved thousands of Jews during World War II.

Miller, James R. (1917-1993) Papers, ca. 1943-1991, (K0733)
4 cubic feet
Contains files, scrapbooks, photographs and tape recordings relevant to Miller's career in law enforcement with an emphasis on the administration of the Clay County, Missouri jail and notes on his World War II intelligence work, including war crimes investigations.

Missouri Ex-POWs Oral History Project, Records, 2000-, (C3975)
Interviews with ex-prisoners of war (POWs). The records include audio cassettes and transcripts.

Missouri Hybrid Corn Company, Fulton, Missouri, Records, 1932-1981, (C2966)
5 linear feet
The business records of the first hybrid corn company in Missouri include early company histories, scrapbooks, Italian POW labor records, and extensive financial records.

Missouri State Museum, Interpretation Program, Oral History Recordings, 1980-2009, (CA6218)
1.2 cubic feet, 410 audio cassettes, 78 video cassettes, 205 DVDs, 3 CDs
Oral history interviews with Missourians regarding historical events on audio cassettes, video cassettes, and DVDs. Also includes transcripts and related material such as photographs, negatives, news clippings, obituaries, correspondence, personal accounts, and ephemera.

Missouri Veterans History Project, Oral History Records, 2010- (C4052)
4.7 cubic feet
The records of the Missouri Veterans History Project contain the local copy of veteran oral history interviews recorded for the Veterans History Project at the Library of Congress. The records include audio, video, interview logs, and some transcripts. The former Western Historical Manuscript Collection, a joint collection with the State Historical Society of Missouri, was a founding partner of the Veterans History Project in 2001.

Missouri Veterans Oral History Project, 2006-, (C4020)
Interviews with Missourians who served in the armed forces. The collection includes compact discs, audio cassettes, DVDs, and transcripts of the interviews, as well as biographical information on the interviewees.

Mixer Family, Papers, 1935-1959, (C3989)
0.2 linear feet, oversize
The Mixer family papers consist of correspondence, photographs, pamphlets, certificates, and military insignias relating to Tech. Sgt. John J. Mixer’s military service in World War II, his death in Germany and burial in the Netherlands in 1945, and the subsequent adoption of his grave by a Dutch family.

Morantz, Shirley Rae Tranin (1923- ) and Stanley Aaron (1919-2010) Papers, 1922-2010, (K0648)
4 cubic feet
Personal papers of Shirley Morantz, Administrative Secretary for the National Office of the Panel of American Women, and Stanley Morantz, board member of numerous religious and civic groups. Also programs, clippings, military papers, speeches and writings by and organizational publications and awards received Stanley Morantz.


Nagel, Elsa Louise (1896-1973), Papers, 1905-1973, (C3910)
3 linear feet
The papers of Elsa Louise Nagel, Associate Professor of German at the University of Missouri from 1926 to 1966, includes correspondence with family, friends, and soldiers during World War I and World War II. The correspondence from World War II is with former Univer-sity of Missouri students at domestic armed forces bases and in the European and Pacific theaters of war. Also present are newspaper clippings, photographs, and miscellaneous items related to the Nagel and Meusch families.

Nelson, Earl F. (1884-1945), Papers, 1862-1945 (C0148)
0.2 linear feet
Two Civil War letters; World War II letters; miscellaneous correspondence of Nelson family; speeches by Nelson on U.S. Constitution, history of Sullivan County, and proposal of new Missouri constitution; University of Missouri Law School Foundation bulletin; notes; and other miscellaneous material.

Newton County, Missouri, Military Service Record Book, ca. 1946, (R1162)
1 folder
This volume lists residents of Newton County, Missouri, who served in the military during World War II. Included for each veteran are a photographic portrait, rank, names of parents and spouse, education, a summary of service, and the date of discharge.


O'Donnell, John, Papers, 1945, (C0902)
1 folder
The papers contain copies of his sports column, which was written in the form of letters to servicemen and women during World War II. O'Donnell also printed letters from them.

Office of Civilian Defense Records, 1942-1944, (K0343)
0.01 cubic feet
The records of the Office of Civilian Defense contain a daily log, general orders, events calendar, organizational plan, and personnel directory for the World War II era Office of Civilian Defense.


Parker, George W., Papers, (CA5963)
115 c.f., 176 a.c., 9 a.d., 47 a.t., 10 v.c., oversize
Papers of a World War II bomber pilot and Republican State Representative from Boone County, Missouri, who founded the Pachyderm Club.

Parmenter, William E. (1915-1987), Journal, 1944-1946, (R1334)
1 folder
The photocopied journal contains the writings of William Edward "Ted" Parmenter dated May 1944 to January 1946 during his tour of duty with the United States Navy in World War II.

Patton, Dale Thomas (1922-2000) Papers, 1944 (K1309)
2 cubic feet
This donation contains the personal files of Dale Thomas Patton, former Deputy Director, Regional Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training, U.S. Department of Labor, Kansas City, Missouri. Included are correspondence, certificates and awards, a photograph, and two publications related to World War II activities.

Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, Navy-yard Commissary Price List, 1941, (R0182)
1 folder
This is a twelve-page listing of food and commodities available at the U.S. Navy commissary at Pearl Harbor. The price list went into effect on 1 November 1941.

Peltzman, Raymond (1914-2007) Collection, 1914-2007, (K1140)
6 cubic feet
Personal, academic, and professional records of Raymond Peltzman and his wife, Anna Lottie Berkson, and genealogical information about their extended families. Also family photographs and genealogical information about the Alport, Berkson, Dworsky, and Peltzman families.

Perry County, Missouri, Service Roster, 1946, (R0880)
1 folder
This booklet is entitled Roster of the Men and Women of Perry County, Missouri, in World War II, issued on the Occasion of Welcome Home Celebration, Perryville, Mo., Aug. 14, 1946. It contains an alphabetical list of Perry County's veterans, including a separate list of those who "died in service."

Pettus, James R. "Pete", World War II memoir, 2001, (R0704)
2 folders
This is a memoir of service in the European theatre of World War II by James R. "Pete" Pettus of the 42nd ("Rainbow") Division of the U. S. Army. Pettus saw combat with the 232nd Infantry Regiment in France and Germany, and ended the war in Munich.

Piepenbring Jr., Frank, (1917-2009) Papers, 1933-2009, (K0585)
5 cubic feet
Personal papers of Kansas City area resident, businessman and World War II veteran. Includes correspondence, publications and printed materials, and World War II military training materials, maps, and photographs.

Powell, John Benjamin (1886-1947), Papers, 1910-1952, (C3662)
2.9 linear feet
The papers of a journalist include correspondence, literary works, printed material, pho-tographs, and a scrapbook. Drafts for My Twenty-Five Years in China and Powell's articles (1941-1947) predominate. Information on China, Japan, Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, Central Asia, India, Philippine Islands, World War II, and the Washington Conference.

Powers, Earl (1913-1976), Photographs, (P1041)
3.6 linear feet
Photographs by Earl Powers, a photographer and farmer who lived in Columbia, MO. Coverage includes people, events, and places in Columbia and Van Nuys, CA. Additional photographs cover Powers' Air Force service in the South Pacific during WWII.

Prewitt, Reuben C. (1915-1958), World War II Notes, 1945, (C3326)
1 folder
Notes on Air Force experiences. Cross-country trip to Seattle and description of voyage from Seattle to Iwo Jima and situation at Iwo Jima.

Proffer, Marvin E. (1931- ), Scrapbooks, 1941-1949, (CG0006)
0.2 cubic feet (2 folders)
The scrapbooks of Marvin E. Proffer contain one scrapbook consisting primarily of newspaper clippings from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Southeast Missourian, and St. Louis Star Times newspapers. The clippings are reporting World War II events and the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt. The second scrapbook contains newspaper clippings, postcards from California, and memorabilia personally related to Proffer, such as St. Louis Cardinals' score cards and programs, ticket stubs, and a program from the 1948 World's Championship Rodeo held in Los Angeles featuring Roy Rogers as the grand marshal.

Prokes, Albert J., World War II Letters, 1942-1946, (C3466)
1.2 linear feet
Letters received by Reverend Albert J. Prokes, administrator of St. John Nepomuk Catholic Church in St. Louis, Missouri, from parishioners serving in the armed forces during World War II.


Rattee, Hannelore, Photograph Collection, (P0409)
1 folder
World War II photographs: signing of the Japanese Surrender (Sept. 2, 1945) on the USS Missouri, and Guam villages not damaged by war.

Reeves Jr., Albert L., (1906-1987) Papers, 1930-1957, (K0864)
8 cubic feet
Reeves was an attorney and U.S. Representative from Missouri's 5th District. Includes correspondence, clippings, speeches and articles related to his election campaign, his congressional term and his campaign for re-election. Also his service in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers during World War II.

Rexroad, Carl B., Papers, (CA6050)
1 linear foot
Correspondence and photographs documenting Rexroad's service in the Philippines during World War II.

Reynolds Family, Collection, 1875-1997, (CG0007)
2.6 cubic feet (45 folders), 9 film reels
The collection of the Reynolds family of Morehouse, Missouri contains correspondence and papers, guest and autograph books, postcards, barbershop business ledgers, educational awards and diplomas, photographs, and films for John Clayborn, Louella (Harmon), Charles Baker, Thelma, and Nell Reynolds.

Reynolds, Frank, Photograph Collection, ca. 1925-1942, (R0796)
3 folders
These are postcards and photographs collected by Frank Reynolds when he worked on construction projects including Bagnell Dam in Missouri, Lock and Dam No. 14 on the Mississippi River at LeClaire, Iowa, and Camp Crowder, Missouri.

Robinett, Oliver Eugene (1918-1945), World War II Letters, 1936-1948, (C2219)
1 volume
The papers contain letters written to Major Robinett's family during World War II, while he served with the 3rd Division, Marine Corps, in New Zealand and the Pacific. Also includes a biographical sketch.

Rosholt, Malcolm Leviatt (1907-2005) Papers, 1930-1990 (K0389)
1 cubic foot
The papers of noted journalist Malcolm Leviatt Rosholt include research notes and writings by Rosholt on China and the Far East.

Ruschin, Siegfried "Fred" (1925-2008) Papers, ca. 1920s-2008, (K1193)
4 cubic feet
Personal records of Ruschin and his family, particularly relating to applications for restitution for losses in German under the Nazis; writings and other materials relating to Ruschin career as a librarian at Linda Hall Library; his volunteer work; and other interests, research, writing that he did.

Rustemeyer Family, Papers, 1884-1953, (C4017)
0.3 linear feet, 1 computer disc
The Rustemeyer Family papers contain correspondence written to Bernard Rustemeyer by friends and family in Germany after his immigration to America in 1882. The collection also includes newspaper clippings and photographs of the Rustemeyer, Alteköster, Stöckebrand, and Giese families, and Rustemeyer’s hometown, Körbecke, Germany.


Sackin, Eugene (1920-2001) Papers, 1918-1940s, (K0705)
0.5 cubic foot
A scrapbook kept by Sackin while overseas during World War II. Also World War I letters from Isadore Levin to his family dated 1918.

Sasse, David Blake, Collection, 1940-1993, (C4107)
1 folder
The collection of David Blake Sasse contains mostly correspondence between Sasse and military veterans describing their experience with Missouri National Guard units. Sasse also collected military unit histories and political campaign materials.

Saults, Dan, Papers, 1937-1985, (R0403)
44 folders
These are papers of a conservationist and outdoor journalist, including material on the Outdoor Writers Association of America, wilderness areas, the "Irish Wilderness" of Oregon County, Missouri, Henry Rowe Schoolcraft, and the Ozarks region. There are a typescript of Saults's unpublished novel and copies of many of his articles and speeches.

Schaberg Family, Papers, 1894-1974, (C3665)
3 linear feet
The personal and professional papers of Benjamin F. Schaberg, Sr., who worked as an engineer on the Panama Canal, St. Louis sewer projects, World War II army post construction, and Missouri Public Service Commission studies, includes family correspondence between Schaberg and his wife, sisters, and sons. Ben Jr. and John George Schaberg were in China during and after the 1937 Japanese invasion.

Schrantz, Ward Loren, Memoirs, ca. 1909-1946, (R0361)
11 folders
These are memoirs of military service by a resident of Carthage, Jasper County, Missouri, who served in the Missouri National Guard and the U.S. Army before World War I. He was a captain of a machine gun battalion in Europe, 1917-1919, a reserve officer, 1920-1942, and a U.S. Army troopship commander during World War II.

Shamberg, John Elliott (1913-2009) Papers, 1923-2001, (K0748)
9 cubic feet
Correspondence between Shamberg, his family and friends, relating his college years, early career, World War II, and after the war. Shamberg was an attorney and personal counsel to Robert B. Docking, governor of Kansas,

Shaw, Ralph J. (1902-1987), Papers, (CA5955)
World War II letters and photographs and miscellaneous papers of labor organizer, Ralph J. Shaw.

Sheahan, John P., Letters, 1943-1944, (R0203)
1 volume
These are letters written during World War Two by a native of St. Louis to his wife. Sheahan served with the 3206th Quartermaster Service Company, training at camps in California, Florida, and Virginia. He died at Slapton Sands in the English Channel on 28 April 1944.

Shield America, 1941, (C2548)
1 folder
Six issues of paper of the America First Committee, Kansas City, MO, August-November 1941.

Short, Dewey (1898-1979), Papers, (CA5944)
97.25 linear feet, 3 audio discs, 8 rolls of microfilm
Papers of U.S. Representative from Missouri's 7th District (1929-1930; 1935-1956) and Assistant Secretary of the Army (1957-1961). Includes materials on campaigns, Table Rock Dam and Reservoir, and the U.S. Army during World War II and the Cold War.

Siegler, Merna Singer (1926- ) and Sylvan (1925-2010) Papers, 1940-2012, (K1261)
0.5 cubic foot
Personal papers of active members of the Jewish Community, including National Council of Jewish Women and Beth Shalom Sisterhood notebooks, and World War II photograph/postcard album.

Smith, Eleanor E., Letters, 1944, (R0935)
1 folder
These are two "V-Mail" letters from Eleanor E. Smith at Fort Leonard Wood in Pulaski County, Missouri, to S/Sgt R. J. Bettis, Jr., an Army enlistee serving overseas. The letters are dated 18 January and 20 January 1944.

Smith, Gene (1918-1995) Papers, 1941-1995 (K1347)
0.25 cubic feet
The papers primarily consist of a collection of Hallmark Military News employee newsletters from 1941-1946. Also included are brief correspondence, an issue of The Noon News Hallmark newsletter, and a remembrance of Smith.

Soward, James L. (1932-2005) Papers, (K0610)
9 cubic feet
The papers of James L. Soward includes notes, photographs, oral interviews, and other related research materials for the book, Hospital Hill: An Illustrated Account of Public Healthcare Institutions in Kansas City, Missouri, published by the Truman Medical Center Charitable Foundation in 1995.

Starr, Raymond Hillman (1900-1966) Papers, 1943-1945, (K1138)
0.3 cubic foot
Letters written by Captain Starr to his wife Hortense Davidson Starr, of Kansas City, Missouri, during World War II. Also letters from Hortense to Raymond; correspondence with his sons Lawrence, Norton, and Raymond, Jr. (aka Pete), friends and family.

Stein, Weldon (1911-1964), Papers, 1928-2016, (CG0008)
0.6 cubic feet (8 folders)
The papers of Weldon Stein contain correspondence, military service records, a personal diary, high school and college graduation programs, and genealogical information.

Steinman, Murielle Pruzan (1943- ) and Marshall Steinman (1940-2007) Papers, 1926-ca 1960s, (K1096)
0.09 cubic feet
The papers contain government issued documents, business cards, photographs, Star of David badges, and autobiographical and biographical notes.

Stephens Family, Papers, 1850s-1875, 2008, (C0169)
0.4 linear feet
The Stephens Papers consist of positive photostats and typescripts of a diary and battle descriptions written by a volunteer in Company K, Indiana Infantry, 20th Regiment, which was part of the Army of the Potomac during the Civil War. A bound typescript copy of his diary and those of his brother, Thomas White Stephens, with background information and commentary is also included, along with a biography James Stephen’s grandson, James, Jr., who served in World War II. See also the diaries of Stephens’s brother, the Thomas White Stephens Diaries, (C 2282).

Stigliani Family, Papers, c. 1900-2003, (C4037)
2 linear feet
The collection consists of correspondence, photographs, legal documents, journals, newspaper clippings, World War II materials, and various other papers belonging to the members of Stigliani, D’Andrea, and Vincitorio families, from the period c. 1900-2003. The documents produced by Louis F. Stigliani include his correspondence from 1934 to 1945, photographs taken during his military service in Italy, as well as other writings and legal documents. The collection also includes photographs, piano making manuals, and personal papers of Leonard Stigliani, Louis’s father. There are photographs of the members of the related families of D’Andrea and Vincitorio, from the period c. 1900 to 1973, and genealogical records about the Stiglianis.

Stone, James Blain, Correspondence, 1943-1945, (R1189)
1 folder
This is correspondence written during World War II between James B. "Stony" Stone, who served in an Ordnance Battalion in the United States Army in the Southwest Pacific Theatre, and his parents, who lived in Springfield, Greene County, Missouri. The letters include news of friends and family, and a few newspaper clippings.


Taylor, Irene S. (1902-1989), Papers, 1891-1986, (C1220)
1.4 linear feet
The papers of Irene S. Taylor, a journalist from St. Joseph, Missouri, who worked for several news organizations in Paris, France, in the 1930s, consist of correspondence, photographs, and articles, and records from her service in the U.S. Army in the 1940s and 1950s.

Thomas, David E. (1878-1935) and Horace E. (1910-2001), Papers, 1904-1985, n.d., (C4002)
2 linear feet
The papers of David E. Thomas, Congregational minister and professor of religion, and his son, Horace E. Thomas, a Columbia, Missouri, surgeon who spent World War II in military hospitals in the South Pacific consist of correspondence, manuscripts, class notes, research notes, photographs, printed articles and pamphlets, scrapbooks, and miscellaneous materials related to their careers, including research for Horace’s medical school thesis, Chronic Radiation Poisoning in Rats. See also two oral history interviews with Dr. H.E. Thomas in C3963 SHS Audio Cassette Collection, a.c. 19-20.

Thornton, Alvin J. (1919-2003), Papers, 1940-2001, (C4041)
2 linear feet, 1 audio disc
The papers of Alvin “Jack” Thornton, a former World War II B-24 pilot and POW, include photographs, correspondence, diaries, and miscellaneous materials relating to his military service and family.

Todd, Thomas M. (1917-1987), Papers, (CA2795)
1.5 linear feet
Addition of memoirs and family histories. Primarily the Britt, McCutcheon, and Todd families of Boone and Cooper Counties.

Todd, Thomas M. (1917-1987), Papers, 1938-1950, (C3790)
0.8 cubic feet
Papers of Thomas McCutcheon Todd, a World War II soldier from Nevada, Missouri, comprised primarily of letters written to Todd's family. Many of the letters were written while Todd was in military training and during his enlistment in the U.S. Army; they detail issues of work, family, war, and death during the 1940s.

Trefts, George Wesley, (1919-1994), Papers, 1936-1962, (C1422)
6 folders
Papers of a photographer and member of the United States 79th Fighter Group stationed in northern Africa and Italy during World War II. Includes correspondence, clippings, and photographs.

Trenholme, William Maclaren (1925-2008), Letters, 1931-1963, (C3357)
1.25 linear feet
The collection contains personal letters written by Trenholme to his mother, Louise Trenholme Stephens. Trenholme was a naval officer and later a nuclear physicist at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. There are also letters from Trenholme’s wife, mother-in-law, and other relatives.

Trowbridge, Mr. and Mrs. Leigh, Photograph Collection, (P0502)
9 photographs
Photos of Round Table Club, Columbia. Also, WWII photos from Mr. Trowbridge's book Operation Leap Frog.


Uhlenbrock, Frank J., Collection, (P0834)
0.4 linear feet
A collection of World War II photographs, most from the Official War Pictures Co, collected by Uhlenbrock, a Marine (March 1943-April 1945, South and Central Pacific). Additionally, colour, fold-out postcard depicting Springfield, MO (1938).

Unger, Arthur (1924-2004), Papers, 1943-2004, (C4027)
10.8 linear feet, 77 audio cassettes, 2 audio tapes, 4 audio discs, 5 CDs, 1 video cassette
Arthur Unger was an entertainment journalist who reviewed movies and television shows for the Christian Science Monitor and Ingenue. He edited several magazines as wide-ranging as Mechanix Illustrated and Datebook and toured with the Beatles. The collection includes recordings, transcripts, and notes from his interviews with celebrities, his writings, Beatles publications, and personal materials.

United States Army Mothers National Association Records, 1941-1989, (K0260)
16 cubic feet, 4 microfilm rolls
World War II era organization of mothers of men in the U.S. Army established to provide social support for each other and their sons. Scrapbooks, financial ledgers, post reports and minutes, photographs, yearly convention material, newsletters, correspondence, by-laws, roll books, various paraphernalia, and many other items relating to its everyday operation.

U.S. Army, 3196th Signal Service Company Roster, 1945, (C3682)
1 folder
"A History of the 3196th Signal Service Company" including roster of name, address, nickname, and date for each member. The group served in Italy during World War II.

U.S. Military Government, Detachment B-5, Diary, 1944-1945 (C0445)
4 folders
Diary kept by a Military Government Detachment unit sent to Okinawa. All activities are recorded en route to Okinawa, and duties of the organization are described in detail. Also a short history of Okinawa and descriptions of the cultural exhibit, historic spots, and burial customs.

United Service Organizations (U.S.), USO Club, Malden, Missouri, Program, 1943, (R0753)
1 folder
This is the program for the "Grand Opening" of the USO Club at Malden in Dunklin County, Missouri, on 11 August 1943. Captain Olin Brigman was the Club Director.

United Service Organizations (U.S.), USO Club, Rolla, Missouri, Booklet, 1943, (R1084)
1 folder
This is a dance card booklet for the "First Anniversary Military Ball" held at the USO Club at Rolla in Phelps County, Missouri, on 6 February 1943. Included are the names of the club's managers, the staff, and the officers of the "Hostess Corps".

United States Army Air Forces, Flying Training Detachment, 73rd, Newsletter, 1943, (R0944)
1 folder
This is a single issue of Cape Cadet (Vol. 1, No. 37, 4 December 1943), the newsletter of the 73rd Army Air Forces Flying Training Detachment. This unit was stationed at Harris Field in Cape Girardeau County, Missouri. The commanding officer was Captain Clarke Simonds.

United States Army Air Forces, Flying Training Detachment, 74th Chester Field (McBride, Mo.) Booklet, ca. 1944, (R1284)
1 folder
This collection consists of a twenty-five page booklet, “Flight Lines,” that recorded the graduates of Class 44F from Primary Flying Training at Chester Army Air Field in McBride, Missouri published on 12 February 1942.

United States Army Air Forces, Observation Squadron, 14th, Photographs, 1942, (R1036)
1 folder
These are five black-and-white photographic prints concerning the 14th Observation Squadron (later the 14th Liaison Squadron) and its training base at Rolla in Phelps County, Missouri. There are two aerial views of the camp and training field, a view of the main building, and two views of a "Formal Dance" held at the Rolla USO in August 1942.

United States. Army. Medical Corps. O'Reilly General Hospital, Booklet, 1942, (R1054)
1 folder
This is a "Menu and Roster" for "Christmas 1942" for the U.S. Army's O'Reilly General Hospital at Springfield in Greene County, Missouri. Included are the menu for Christmas dinner and an every-name roster of personnel.

Unterman, Phoebe Eloise (1992- ) Papers, 2009, (K1130)
1 volume
Through Eva's Eyes written by Unterman, based on the true story of her grandmother Eva's experiences in Nazi-occupied Poland during World War II.

USS Schley Oral History Project, Records, 1997-1998, (C4068)
0.1 linear feet, 7 audio cassettes, 1 CD, 1 computer disc
The records of USS Schley Oral History Project contain the audio files and transcripts of interviews with four veterans of the USS Schley. The crew of the USS Schley consisted largely of Missourians. Also included is related documentation on the USS Schley.


Veterans of Foreign Wars, L. J. Harness, Jr., Post No. 7750, Advance, Missouri, Service Record Book, ca. 1949, (R0858)
1 folder
This hard-bound booklet lists military veterans, mostly from the Second World War, from Advance in Stoddard County, Missouri. Included are five "Gold Star Boys." Entries include photographic portraits, dates and branch of service, rank, domestic and overseas postings, and awards.

Veterans History Project, Cass County, Missouri, Collection, (CA5974)
1.2 linear feet, 42 audio cassettes, 1 video cassette
Taped oral history interviews and transcripts of Missouri veterans conducted as part of the Veterans History Project in Cass County, Missouri. Collection also includes some photographs.

Voight, Harry Anton, Papers, 1918-1951, (R1166)
9 folders
These are the papers of a marine engineer, steamboat inspector, and Coast Guard officer who spent most of his career working on the Ohio River. Included are applications for federal positions, papers concerning service in the Marine Inspection Service and Coast Guard, photographs of the Ohio River flood of 1945, and miscellaneous papers.

Votaw, Maurice E. (1899-1981), Papers, 1909-1978, (C3672)
55 folders
The papers of a graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism primarily pertain to his years as professor of journalism at St. John's University, Shanghai, China, and ad-viser to the Nationalist Chinese Ministry of Information. Included are transcripts of oral inter-views, correspondence, literary productions, minutes, printed materials, maps, lists, photographs, and books. Contained is information on Votaw's life; writers, missionaries, political and military leaders, and events in China (1922-1977); U.S. China policy; Chinese and American journalism and newspapers; Shanghai Short Story Club; and St. John's University and University of Mis-souri School of Journalism.


Wallace, Gene Ray, Letters, 1946-1947, (C0421)
2 folders
Written to his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lawman Wallace, Bogard, MO. by a platoon sergeant in Tokyo, Japan. The letters tell of his activities as a military policeman attached to the war criminals trials. Mention of Tojo.

Walton, Robert Emmett (1905-1975) Papers, 1928-1974, (K0973)
3 cubic feet
Walton, a Catholic priest, was an army chaplain during World War II, parish priest and pastor in Kansas City, a missionary in Bolivia, and a priest on a Navajo reservation in New Mexico. Includes yearbooks, magazines, programs, correspondence, newspaper clippings, and newsletters, and photographs, slides, and negatives chronicling Walton's adventurous life.

Weingarten Internment Camp, Weingarten, Missouri, Papers, 1943-1945, (R1161)
1 folder
This collection includes a newsletter, a copy of orders, a roster for the 408th Military Police Escort Guard Company, and a pass from the Weingarten Internment Camp, a prisoner-of-war camp at Weingarten in Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri, during World War II.

Werner, Merle McDougald “Doug” (1913-2004), Interview, 2000, (C3034)
1 folder, 4 audio cassettes
The collection contains cassettes and a transcript of an interview with a war correspondent and foreign service officer who was one of twenty journalists to land at Normandy on D-Day, June 6, 1944.

Westover, John G., Collection, 1910-1946, (C3733)
1.1 cubic feet
Correspondence between members of a Missouri family, including three sons in the service, during World War II. The letters deal largely with family matters, but also include descriptions of military bases, a soldier's daily routine and training, and people, cities, and countries in Africa and Europe. Also included are letters from an uncle who was in the service during World War I and in the 1920s.

White, Richard Drace (1877-1953), Papers, 1895-1953, (C3624)
0.5 linear feet
Unpublished autobiography, correspondence, photographs and newspaper clippings of a Missourian who graduated from the United States Naval Academy, spent forty years on active duty in the Navy, was made a Rear Admiral, and served in the diplomatic corps.

White, Robert M., II (1915-2008), Interview, 1965 (C3398)
2 folders, 1 audio tape, 2 CDs
Audio and transcripts of an interview with the editor of Missouri's Mexico Ledger.

Wilkinson, Frank Courtney (1888-1958) Family Papers, 1888-1958, (K0713)
36 cubic feet
Family papers of Frank Courtney Wilkinson, attorney, banker, real estate businessman, and member of the Missouri House of Representatives. Included are notebooks, photographs, scrapbooks, memorabilia, correspondence, diaries, high school and college coursework, Navy publications and printed material used in son Frank Lee Wilkinson's training during World War II, and genealogical research and family history.

Wise, Paul Sheldon, Letters, 1942-1943, (R1255)
1 folder
These are nine letters from Paul Sheldon "Shel" Wise, a Signal Corps trainee at Camp Crowder in Newton County, Missouri, to his parents and family in Steubenville, Ohio. Wise was assigned to the 804th Signal Service Regiment at the Midwestern Signal Corps Replacement Training Center.

Witt, Arthur, Jr. (1920-2009), Papers, (CA6300)
3 cubic feet, oversize
The Arthur Witt, Jr., Papers, document the life of a WII pilot who served from 1942-1947. After the war, Witt became a zoology professor at the University of Missouri and ended his career as a professor of Forestry, Fisheries, and Wildlife until his retirement in 1983. The papers include military papers and ephemera, aeronautical maps of Asia and the United States, forestry projects, military training manuals, and some correspondence.

World War II, Ephemera, Missouri, 1941-1948, (C3530)
1.2 linear feet
Data on Missouri industries’ and civilian and military participation in World War II, collected by the State Historical Society and used for a series of articles in the Missouri Historical Review entitled “Missouri in the War.”

World War II, Ephemera, (CA5990)
1 folder
Blue print for Mauthausen concentration camp and Nazi armband.

World War II, Letters, 1940-1946, (C0068)
14.6 linear feet
Letters written by servicemen during the war to friends and relatives throughout the United States. Arranged alphabetically by writer's name.

World War II Letters, 1941-1945, (C3222)
2 cubic feet
This collection of World War II letters was collected by W.W. Gillespie for publication in the Memphis Revielle, a weekly newspaper in Scotland County, Missouri, and by Frederick Tainter for publication in the Bugle, published monthly in St. Charles, Missouri. Also included are letters collected by the State Historical Society of Missouri in 1946 from various donors. Most are concerned with acknowledging receipt of the letter.

World War II, Letters, c. 1944, (C1329)
1 folder
Family letters to a Japanese soldier found on a battlefield in Guam by an American soldier and transcripts of the letters. One of the letters is written on rice paper. There is also a brochure that shows naval flag symbols and a postcard depicting Japanese children.

World War II Bond Drive, Collection, 1942-1945, (C4110)
0.2 cubic feet
The World War II Bond Drive Collection contains materials related to the efforts of the War Finance Division, U.S. Treasury, to raise public funds in support of the war. The collection contains promotional materials and forms related to the funding drives of 1945.

World War II Scrapbooks, 1941-1942, (K1245)
1 cubic foot
Scrapbooks of clippings from Kansas City newspapers.