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Your membership and gifts support The State Historical Society of Missouri's mission to collect and preserve Missouri's historical record and to provide educational and outreach programs that reach thousands of students, scholars, genealogists, and other patrons in Missouri and beyond. As The State Historical Society of Missouri continues to meet the growing demand for collections and programs both online and in the Research Centers, now is the time to partner with us to ensure that future generations may continue to discover Missouri's history and heritage.

Make a gift. Our mission relies on your partnership to keep Missouri stories alive! Your gift supports everything we do, from education and public programs to research and preserving collections. The following funds are the most frequently selected by donors as well as funding core programs and initiatives:

If you need help making a gift or renewing your membership, email or call at 800.747.6366.

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How does my gift help?

Gifts to The State Historical Society of Missouri support efforts ranging from the Center for Missouri Studies Fellowships and Lectures and the National History Day in Missouri program, to putting primary sources and finding aids online, to preserving photographs and historical documents.

How can I contribute?

There are many ways to lend your support!

How is my gift different from my membership?

Membership dues provide less than a third of the funds used for programs, education, publishing, research, and supplies. Additional support is necessary to fund all programmatic and collection-based expenses.

Is my gift tax-deductible?

Yes! The State Historical Society of Missouri is a private nonprofit organization. Gifts are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by the law. Benefits that come with membership reduce the tax-deductible amount of your dues. Please consult with your tax and financial professionals to make sure your gifts support the organizations you appreciate and offer you the benefits you need.

Can I make a gift to name and endow a program, collection, or staff position?

Yes! Named, endowed gifts allow us to tell your story as part of our story. Endowed gifts secure a bright future for preserving and sharing Missouri history and heritage.

Who do I contact?

We have excellent professionals who will help you make a gift, become a member, purchase items from the gift shop, or make a research request.

Administrative Office: 800.747.6366

To discuss making a gift, please contact the State Historical Society of Missouri at 573.882.7083 or